• Item : XYW-(B, F) Triple Layer Insulation Wire
• Conductor Material : Copper
• Diameter : 0.14mm-1.00mm
• Executive Standard : IEC60317-0-1

Features : Excellent electric insulation properties, Few pinhole, Low dielectric constant, High speed signal transmission, low loss, signal definition.
High thermal class, High thermal resistance, can be adapted to 200 Centigrade
Triple insulated wire has three layer insulation mainly composed polyester and polyamide resin over its copper round conductor. Excellent insulation quality, access to reinforce insulation (test voltage =3000 V/1 min above) identification and high efficiency and cost saving.
Radiation resistance, Chemical reistance, Sovent resistance
Compared with the traditional transformer, No barrier tape and interleaved insulation tape are required, the transformer' volume can be reduced 50% and the weight can be reduced 70%.
Can intensive wiring which can greatly save space.
Excellent Mechanical properties, soft, physical strength and durability for abrasion, resistant to repeated bending, project performance well, long life.
Solderability: Soldering can be conducted without removal of insulation layer

Application :
Widely used in Electronic devices, Telecommunication apparatus, Military, Aerospace and other fields. Such as : High frequency transformer,Electronic transformer, Switching transformer, tranformer for IT industry field, electrical appliance switch transformer winding wire, etc.

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