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Golden Ocean Start E-Business Strategy

Date:2013-08-27 10:45

  Come as knowledge economy and E-Business development, E-Business has changed  company’s business model drastically. In order to gain advantage in future competition, Golden Ocean started E-Business strategy. E-Business (E-Business, E stands for Internet, Business Representative commercial) will provide revolutionize the whole business.
  Golden Ocean's leadership and staff actively participate in various E-Business knowledge-sharing learning activities, and actively accept the latest E-Business thinking, use E-Business knowledge, means and technology to transform the traditional business mode.
  In the new E-Business activities, Golden Ocean will gradually build our own E-Business platform, open micro-blogging, wechat and other information centers, step by step to look for the enterprise customer culture, establish our own cultural tribes. Golden Ocean began to implement E-Business knowledge management strategies into our business process management activities, giving enterprise management new ideas, new rules and new values. Life style is more and more open now, pay attention to the culture of target customers, Golden Ocean opened E-Business new journey.

                                                Golden Ocean Participate in CEE Start Assembly Activities        

                                                 Golden Ocean actively participate in E-business learning activities

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