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Xin Yang, 2013 New Year Party

Date:2013-06-08 11:44

      On December 30, 2012, dominated by xin ocean, joint kumho, natural light three companies hosted the 2013 Spring Festival get-together, xin ocean, kumho, all colleagues of the natural light and tempo group's top leaders to participate in the party scene, everybody together, singing and dancing, the scene is lively, harmonious atmosphere, full of laughter and cheers, everyone together to meet new beginning in 2013!


Good start                                                                          The general manager


Waiting for the xin ocean spring                                                           together


happy                                                                                           Beauty calculating


Blue and white porcelain                                                                  Young girl of India


In order to who                                                                             Happiness folk songs


 Flying Song for Mother Earth                                                                 Enthusiastic audience


     Enthusiastic audience                                                                Enthusiastic audience      



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